Zainab Dangote Biography: Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Zainab Dangote Biography

Zainab Dangote, the mother of three gorgeous daughters of NIGERIA the business mogul Dangote is Zainab Dangote. Mother to Fatima Dangote and mariya Dangle. Halima Dangote.

Name Zainab Dangote
Birth date Unknown
Country Nigeria
State Kano state
Tribe Hausa
Occupation Housewife
Status Divorce
Gender Female
Net Worth $6 million
Phone Number Nil

Zainab Dangote Early life

Zainab Dangote was raised in Kano, kano state Nigeria. She went to secondary and primary school within kano.

After she got married to Aliko Dangote in May 1997 they divorced Aliko Dangote and gave birth to three gorgeous daughters.

Zainab Dangote Net worth

Based on online income estimations the ex-wife of African business billionaire Aliko Dagote owns an estimated worth of $6 million.

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