Top 10 Most Popular Area’s In Minna, Niger State

Minna is an urban area (estimated population of 304,113 in 2007) located in the Middle Belt of Nigeria .It is the capital city of Niger state which is one of Nigeria’s 37 federal states .
It is composed of 2 main ethnic groups that are it is comprised of the People of Nupe People along with Gbagyi People. Gbagyi People.

Evidence from archaeology suggests that settlement in the area goes from around 47,000 to 37,000 years ago.
Muslim culture has filtered through Minna through the old Saharan trade routes. The city has many mosques as well as Muslim groups .
Over 200 Muslim schools ( Islamiyya ) can be located in Minna city . One of the most well-known are M.S.M.S Nurul Islam located in 123 quarters. They have additional branches in Kpakungu, Keteren Gwari as well as Barkin Sale.

Christianity is the 2nd largest religious belief that is practiced in Niger the state of Niger in which Sharia is recognized as valid.

  • Nupe Kalvari Churches
  • Faith Church
  • Grace Baptist Church
  • Anglican Churches
  • Baptist Churches
  • Victory Christian Church
  • The Apostolic Church
  • ECWA Churches

and many more.
Minna was the birthplace of Nigeria’s former military President Gen. Ibrahim B. Babangida and the former Chief of State Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar. It is home to Dr. Mu’azu Babangida was the governor in former times of Niger state. .
He was in office for an eight-year period (2007-2015).
Abubakar Sani Bello who is an entrepreneur and multi-billionaire, is the Governor of Niger state who was elected by the ruling party’s opposition candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) candidate Mu’azu Aliyu . Abubakar Sani Bello is serving his second term as governor.

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Minna boasts a variety of schools for education. Among these are

  • It is the Federal university of Technology Minna ( FUT )
  • Niger state School Of Health
  • Niger state School Of Nursing And Midwifery
  • College Of Education ( COE ) Niger state

Among them are.
Gbada Secondary School Limawa Secondary School, FEMA Scho, Zarumai model school, Father O’Colonel science College, D.S.S, DECS New College, Hill Top, Mypa schools, Himma international school, Police secondary school El- Amin International School , New Horizon College, Divine Excellence International Schools and Brighter International Schools, among many more, are among the first high schools to be established in Minna.

Yam Groundnut, Guinea corn (sorghum) and rice. Maize, cotton, sweet Potato along with ginger comprise the major agriculture products of the city.
Cassava is also widely grown in the city.
The economy is also a source of income for the cattle trade and brewing, shea nuts processing, and gold mining.
There are FMCGs like PZ Cussons that deal in products for babies, toilet soaps medicines, and other items.
Traditional crafts and industries in Minna include leatherwork as well as metalworking performed by The Nupe.

Minna is connected to nearby cities via roads.
Abuja is the capital of the nation is just 150 km away. Kaduna is also not too distant from Minna.
Minna has also been connected via railway to Kano located in north, and Ibadan and Lagos in the south.
This city’s services are provided via Minna Airport .

Below Are the States that shared a border with Niger state

  • FCT Abuja
  • Kaduna state
  • Kwara state
  • Kebbi state
  • Kogi state
  • Sokoto state
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Top 10 Popular Area’s In Minna ( Mx City )

Below are the most viewed areas in Minna by the amount of popularity the name.

1. Kpakungu Area

2. Anguwan Daji Area

3. Tunga Area

4. Chanchaga Area

5. Bosso Area

6. Maitumbi Area

7. Limawa Area

8. Soje A & Soje B Area

9. Dusten Kura Gwari & Hausa Area

10. Barikin Sale Area

Other Popular Area’s In Minna Are As Follow:

  • Mobil Area
  • Kwangila Area
  • Keteren Gwari Area
  • Ogbomosho Area
  • 1.2.3 Quarters Area
  • Gbaganu Area
  • Maikunkele Area
  • Sauka Kahuta Area
  • Gurara Area
  • Moris Area
  • Darulsalam
  • Tungan Goro Area
  • Padukwai Area
  • Tudun Fulani Area
  • Talba Estate Area
  • Kutiriko Area
  • Brighter Area
  • Sabon Gari Area
  • London Street Area
  • Shango Area
  • Gidan Kuka Area
  • Mandela Road Area
  • Airport Quaters Area
  • Okada Road Area
  • Bosso Estate Area
  • Bega Junction Area
  • Paida Area
  • Albishiri Area
  • New Market Area
  • Jikpan Area
  • Abayi Close Area
  • Bosso Lowcoast Area
  • Anguwan Rahama Area
  • Gidan Mongoro Area
  • Gbada Area
  • Mumbai Area
  • Dama Area
  • Barikichi Area
  • Korokpan Area

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