Toby Shang Biography: Net Worth, Real Name, Wiki, Age, State of Origin, Songs

Toby Shang Biography

Adeleye Tobi Michael popularly known as Toby Shang is a Nigerian musician, MC, and hypeman. The singer became famous by the song “Run This Town” that received enormous airplay on TV and radio stations across the country.

Toby Shang
Toby Shang Biography: Net Worth, Real Name, Wiki, Age, State of Origin, Songs

Toby Shang: Wiki, Bio, Age, Facts, Photo

Quick Facts
Real Name: Adeleye Tobi Michael
Date of Birth: February 6
Place of Birth: Nigeria
Tribe: Yoruba
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Singer, Hype Man
Partner: N/A
Net Worth: Not Estimated

Toby Shang Early Life

Toby Shang was born in February 6 , and is from the western region of Nigeria.

He received a high-quality primary and secondary schooling. He went on through The University of Lagos where he began his studies in History.

Toby Shang Career

Toby Shang became known for his upbeat, hypnotic music like Wtf!

He was in the spotlight because of his hit single “Run This Town”.

He is famous for various songs, including Shedibalabala Update, Palliative, Shedibalabala and many more.

Toby Shang Songs

  • Who’s the fuck are you?
  • Shedibalabala
  • Update
  • Blocking Party
  • Palliative
  • Wtf!
  • E Choke
  • E Choke
  • Switch off the light.
  • Take this town to the races!

Toby Shang Net Worth

Toby Shang earns from his profession as a hypeman and a singer. According to Forbes, in 2023 Toby Shang has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Toby Shang Social Media

Toby Shang is active on social media. He has a following of 224k on Instagram @tobyshang as well as Twitter @tobyshang

Frequently asked questions

Below are a few frequently requested questions. Toby Shang:

Who is Toby Shang?

Toby Shang is a Nigerian musician and hype man who is known for his hit song “Run the town”.

How old is Toby Shang?

Toby Shang was born on the 6th of February. Shang has not yet revealed his age.

Where is Toby Shang from?

Toby Shang is from the yoruba tribe of the western Nigeria.

Is Toby Shang married?

Toby Shang is not married. Shang has not disclosed the specifics regarding his relationships.

What is Toby Shang Net Worth?

Toby Shang net worth has as a net worth of $100,000.

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