Ten of the Most Bizarre Crimes of 2022

The fact that crime is a part of life. There’s no escaping it. And one can only hope to stop it. In the present there are a myriad of rules that anyone can use to commit a crime without even be aware of that they have committed it. The word “crime” can mean a myriad of things including jaywalking, murder, and everything in between. And , sometimes, crimes can be quite bizarre.

People find the most ingenious methods of committing crimes, from scurrying across the field during the game of football to dressing up as clowns in order to commit an the act of armed theft. In the last year, we’ve seen some of the strangest and bizarre crimes you could imagine. It’s not surprising that there’s an “Florida man” story as well as one about a Florida woman as well. We’ll now look at the top ten absurd crimes in 2022.

10. Woman Sets Bees Loose on Police

On the 12th of October in 2022, a 55 year old Massachusetts female, Rorie Wood was part of the protestors’ group in a Longmeadow house. Hampden County Sheriff officers were giving a legal notice of eviction but were challenged by a local organization that supported the homeowners. Wood was not the only person to reside in the home and arrived wearing a beekeeper’s outfit in a van filled with bee hives. She started shaking the crates that contained the beehives. “Never in my many years as the chief of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Civil Process Division has I witnessed anything similar to the way this happened,” said Robert Hoffman Chief Deputy of the Civil Process Office.

Wood was taken immediately into custody, and later arraigned for numerous battery and assault charges. Wood was released on bail, however the charges remain in the awaiting. As she was being handcuffed, and then walked to the police vehicle, she was informed that some of the officers had an allergy to bees. She responded, “Oh yeah? Good!”[1]

9. Bride Laces Wedding Food with Marijuana

An Florida lady, Danya Svoboda and the caterer Joycelyn Bryant believed that mixing wedding guest’s dishes with marijuana would make an adorable joke. The thing is, it wasn’t adorable, but it was also criminal. Things turned sour during the wedding in April because people experienced negative reactions to the food. One guest started vomiting; one guest thought she had heart problems and took refuge in her car. There were guests who had hallucinations and some had thoughts of dark thoughts regarding their loved relatives.

Although none of them is typical of responses to cannabis, the naive crowd was evidently unhappy. Svoboda and Bryant tried to pass the incident off as a jolly incident, however, recreational marijuana use is not legal in Florida. Two-faced felony charges were brought against them for food tampering as well as misdemeanor charges for culpable negligent. [2]

8. Tyson Foods CFO Wandered into the home of a different person and fell in bed

Everyone is familiar with Tyson Foods, famous for hot dogs, chicken and many other tasty foods. The Tyson name is revered, and no one in the family would ever intend to discredit the name of their family. This is exactly that happened on November 6 2022. John R. Tyson, the Chief Financial Officer of the meat giant, is the great-grandson the company’s founder John W. Tyson. The younger John went out drinking in the home of a stranger’s Arkansas home in the early morning, and then proceeded to get stripped. He then walked to the bedroom, where he was asleep. The homeowners spotted that an unwelcome guest was sleeping Goldielocks-style at their house and called the police.

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As the police arrived the residents were informed that their door had been not locked. Tyson was not accused of break and enter, however it was charged with the crime of public drunkenness and infractions of trespassing. Along with the expected negative reaction to this type of situation, the fact Tyson was only in this post since September the year caused serious concern to investors, even though Tyson’s apology was not forthcoming. John was already subject to scrutiny by shareholders due to his lack of experience and it is now clear that John is insufficient for his job. [3]

7. Car Thief Caught Hiding in Stuffed Teddy Bear

In July 2022 at Manchester, UK, Joshua Dobson was detained for grand theft of an vehicle, driving with an unlicensed license and leaving a gas station with no money. The police tracked him down to his residence, with the intention to detain him. However, when they arrived, Dobson was nowhere to be seen. In the course of searching for Dobson’s home they spotted an over-sized animal that appeared to breathe. The jig eventually went up and Dobson was detained.

Although his actions were more trivial than strange the location he chose to hide in was a creative one. Joshua received nine months prison for his infractions. Following his sentence the police from Manchester issued a statement saying “He’s currently in prison after being sentenced last week on charges of the theft of a motor vehicle and driving without a license and stealing from a station without payment. I hope he gets an enjoyable time inside.”. 4

6. Man Vandalizing Property in Attempt to Get Security Job

In May 2022 In May 2022, an Florida man named David Proudfoot, dressed up as an Disney World employee and proceeded to take several costly decorative items like an R2-D2 replica that was in its location in The Swan Reserve, a hotel located on the Disney property located in Orlando, Florida. The man moved both the statue as well as an arcade, along with other things, in a series of incidents that occurred on Disney property. Proudfoot had submitted an application for the position of an security guard and was determined to show his worth by exposing weaknesses in the security of Disney. A security guard was aware of Proudfoot’s unusual behavior as the cart he was pushing with an replica of the statue to the other side.

After being approached, Proudfoot was able to confirm his identity as David E. Rogers, who is a Disney employee. Then, security uncovered Proudfoot’s identity card and later admitted to having taken the statue worth $10,000 but stated that it was his intention to take it off Swan property.

Proudfoot was previously accused of taking about $15,000 from an Baltimore County school system during his tenure as the principal of an elementary school in Maryland. The incident took place in 2014 and Proudfoot was charged with third-degree grand theft along with petit theft, obstruction by falsified information, and conspiring to fraud accusations. [5]

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5. Man snatched into Manhattan traffic by a thief demanding Food

About 6:20 pm on 19 September 2022, the victim was in the area of W. 141st St. close to Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard. The 6-foot-2” (188-centimeter) weight 220-pound (15-stone) suspect emerged of the white Nissan Rogue. The suspect was able to walk straight to the victim who was on the phone, and began an exchange, asking him where the food items were. He was confused, and fled but that wasn’t the end of the story.

While he was walking away as he left, the suspect assaulted him, kicking him on the head. The 23-year old jumped up and tried to get away from the situation. The mugger followed him along the sidewalk. At some point, the victim fell, tripped, and fell right into the path of an approaching SUV. Fortunately the driver stopped at the right time and the victim sustained only minor bruises. The victim lost his cell phone and bag and was took. The victim was able to recover his bag before the mugger returned to his Nissan Rogue and drove off. Police are still trying to locate this suspect. [6]

4. Tourists Destroy Roman Sculptures after being denied a meeting with the Pope

In the beginning of October 2022 an American tourist went to The Vatican hoping to meet the pope. The tourist requested to meet Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church. He was told that his request wouldn’t be granted and was all downhill from there. The man sprinted away and grabbed one of the numerous ancient Roman busts that are a part of the walls in the Chiaramonte Museum and throwing it on the ground. The man destroyed two artifacts: one of them as a result anger over not being able to get his way, and another because of his attempt to escape from staff members.

Visitors were shocked by the rage and were able to look at in amazement when museum security finally took the suspect into custody and detained the guest. Museum officials described the objects as minor objects, however they’re both more than two thousand years old. Museum staff immediately started working on the restoration of the pieces however, the damage was extensive, and they’ll never ever be identical. They were fastened to the wall using nails, however the visitor was capable of “bust” the pieces loose using some force. The incident is likely to cause tighter security within the museum, as well as a greater distance between artifacts and visitors. [7]

3. COO of Vegetarian Food Company Bites Man’s Nose

Beyond Meat is a plant-based meat producer that is vegan and vegetarian friendly. It’s possible that the COO, Doug Ramsey, may not be vegan or a friend to. On the 17th of September 2022 Ramsey was at a game of football in the University of Arkansas stadium. There were fights among the fans. are a common sight in the stadium, however this particular incident was unique.

Ramsey was trying to leave the parking area when his car was struck by another vehicle. Ramsey lost his way. He was said to have punched the back of the windshield of the other vehicle. After that driver exited the vehicle, Ramsey punched him in the face. He then proceeded take his nose off and threatened to take him to the hospital. When authorities arrived on the scene, both were covered with blood. Ramsay was arrested on charges of “terroristic threats and battery of the third degree” and later released with a bond of $11,000. Ramsey was employed for thirty years at Tyson Foods before moving to Beyond Meat. Ramsey formally resigned in October following less than one year at the company. [8]

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2. Man Killed Friend over Bigfoot

The 53-year old Oklahoma man Larry Doil Sanders, was fishing barehanded last summer on the South Canadian River with his buddy, Jimmy Knighten. The two ended up in an argument that was heated and Sanders was able to strangle Knighten in a gruesome manner. Larry came home and revealed to his daughter about what he’d done. The police were notified and found the body on the following day, near the river. Sanders informed police that Knighten was planning to feed him “Bigfoot,” so it was self-defense.

Knighten’s death was brutal, as per police reports. Sanders hit his victim with sticks and fists and they engaged in a lengthy battle before Sanders eventually snatched his life from Knighten. As per Sanders, Knighten had summoned Bigfoot to kill him and Bigfoot appeared just prior to when Knighten tried to flee. Doing not want to be devoured by the Sasquatch, Sanders murdered Knighten to ensure that Bigfoot could focus on his easy prey. Sanders faces murder charges.[9]

1. Woman Tries to Buy a Baby at Walmart

We’ve all heard that some people act out of character at Walmart at times. Be it shopping in pajamas, or being a bit spoiled we are used to seeing the odd at the well-known chain store. But nothing can prepare a mother for what transpired in the month of January 2022. As she waited in line for the self-checkout point, Rebecca Lanette Taylor noticed a blonde-haired blue-eyed baby and a woman at the next check point. Taylor requested the mom if she was able to purchase the baby’s mother’s child and what that would run.

At first initially, the Texas mother initially interpreted the observation as a joke however, Taylor was serious. After she made an offer of $250,000 for the baby and told her that she could pay the price and the mother informed Taylor that the baby was not being offered for sale. The conversation didn’t stop there. Taylor continued to follow the woman throughout in the car park, threatening her about purchasing her child. She was frightened and unhinged her mother so much she locked her child inside the car to protect her.

Taylor made a second offer and assured her that she would deliver the baby. The mother eventually escaped, however she did report the incident to authorities. On the 18th of January 2022 Taylor got arrested for the felony charge of attempting to sell or the purchase of a child however, she denied any accusations. Taylor claimed that she was at Walmart just doing her business. [10]

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