Tawa Ajisefini Biography, Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Tawa Ajisefini Biography

Tawa Ajisefini is also called Monkele. She is an upcoming Nigerian actress and movie maker.

Her birth date was March 7, in the year of her birth was not recorded.

She is the eldest child in a family with four children.

She is from Osun State in south western Nigeria.

Tawa Ajisefini Educational Background

She received her first education at the Police children’s school Eleyele in addition to Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School, both located in Ibadan where she was awarded her primary and secondary certificates and secondary certificates, respectively.

She then went on to study Theatre Arts in the University and she explained that she picked because she already learned the art of practical.

Tawa Ajisefini Acting Career

The first time she began acting back to her time in secondary school where she used to act in for dramas and stage plays.

Tawa entered the Nigerian film industry professionally in 2003 when she was a part of the Ojopagogo film school. Tawa graduated from the college in the year 2006.

Before her breakthrough into Nollywood, Tawa was a personal assistant to the famous Nollywood actress Funke Akindele.

She is a talented and talented performer who has appeared in numerous Nollywood films which have been recognized and praised by numerous awards for her contributions to the business.

Tawa has been featured in Nollywood films, among which include “Okun Ife Yi”, “Opin Ireti” and a few others.

She is a stunning artistic, talented and highly creative Yoruba actress, well-known for her excellent renditions of film roles.

She can play any character that is assigned to her, and her style of acting is appreciated and loved by her numerous fans.

Also, she is a well-known social media persona with more than 7000,000 people following the Instagram account.

Tawa Ajisefini Role Model

Tawa Ajisefini mentions Femi Adebayo as well as Funke Akindele Bello among her role models in the business.

Tawa Ajisefini Personal Life

Tawa Ajisefini has revealed that she had finally gotten connected on her Instagram account.

She later married the American love in Ibadan.

It is believed that she moved to the US along with her spouse.

Tawa Ajisefini Net Worth

She is among the most well-known Yoruba actresses and is rated as among the wealthiest and most influential, with an estimated net worth of $200,000 dollars, which is equivalent to 76 million Nigerian dollars in Nigeria currency.

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