Spyro Biography: Net Worth, age, education, career, state of origin and more

Biography of Spyro

Spyro Biography

Find out more information about Spyro biography and also his the net worth of Spyro.

Oludipe David Oluwasanmi, also known by the name Spyro was born on at the beginning of October, 1997 within Lagos State. Spyro is a talented Nigerian musician, as well as an artist and songwriter.

Spyro has been a huge hit following the debut of his popular track Billing at 2022. Spyro began his career in music in the early years of his life and has proved to Nigerians that he is able to become a prominent figure in the world of music.

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Spyro Profile

Full Name: Oludipe David Oluwasanmi

Date of Birth: 1997

Age 25 years old

Place of Birth: Lagos State.

Nationality: Nigerian

Religion: Christianity

Professional Musician, Songwriter , and performer

Hobbies: Songwriting

Net Worth: $40,000

Spyro Early Age and Education

Spyro was born on 1st of September 1997. The baby was born 1st day of the month of October at Lagos State. Spyro was raised by his parents in Lagos and was a pupil in his school, the Mainland Children’s School . He later attended Model school in Meiran during his 2nd year of Secondary school.

After he had completed his secondary education and went to Ibadan University. University of Ibadan.

Spyro Career

Spyro began his music career in the beginning as a member of the choir of his local congregation. It led him to pursue a passion in music that was fervent belief that he had the ability to be one of Nigeria’s top musicians.

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Since 2017 he’s stopped making music, however the group attracted a lot attention after the release of his smash single Billing in 2022. While Spyro isn’t signed by the label he prefers He has collaborated with many musicians, such as Mayorkun Dremo Tobi Bakare and many others.

Spyro Songs

  • Billing (2022)
  • Funke (2018)
  • For You (2020)
  • Japa (2018)
  • Home and Away (2022)
  • Amazing (2019)
  • SEE YOU AGAIN (2022)
  • No Way (2021)
  • FORMULA ONE (2022)
  • GOTH GIRL (2022)
  • Crispy Gyros (2021)
  • BACK SEAT (2019)
  • Crispy Gyros 2 (2021)
  • Lost My Love (2022)
  • Spyro (2017)
  • Rock it (2018)

Spyro Marital Status

Spyro isn’t currently dating, but information about whether he has girlfriends isn’t readily available online.

Spyro Net Worth

Spyro is talented Nigerian musician, performer, songwriter and performer with an estimated net worth in the region of $40,000..


How old is Spyro?

Spyro is 25yrs old

Is Spyro married?

There’s no reason to be concerned, Spyro is not yet engaged.

What university did Spyro attend?

Spyro was an undergraduate student at Ibadan the University in Ibadan.

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