Sani Ahmad Mafara Biography: Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Sani Ahmad Mafara Biography

Sani Ahmad mafara is an Hausa musician, singer and recording artist is Sani Ahmad mafara. (Sani Ahmad Mafara Biography)

Sani Ahmad a Hausa singer who gained notoriety following her single-track album.

As per the artist, his musical career began when his graduation from the primary school at Sokoto (Sokoto State), Nigeria.

Sani Ahmad Mafara Early Life

Sani Ahmad mafia is also called Sani Ahmad, zanfara state of Nigeria.

Sani Ahmad Mafara was a student at primary and secondary schools in Zafara. Currently, sani Ahmad is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University.

Sani Ahmad Mafara Career

Sani Ahmad Sani Ahmad, an acclaimed singer from northern Nigeria that is originally from zanfara is Sani Ahmad. He started his career in music in secondary school.

When the recording started Sani Ahmad Mafara is able to see that he is able to make it big in his career as a musician.

Sani Ahmad owns a number of songs to his name and includes:

  • UMMI

Sani Ahmad Mafara Net Worth

Sani Ahmad is a recording and singer artist in Zamfara state, is an estimated net worth of $30,000 per endorsement and music.

Sani Ahmad Mafara Phone Number

+234 808 200 0700.

Sani Ahmad Mafara Email

[email protected].

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