Rebecca Gayheart Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Early Life

Rebecca Gayheart Biography

American model and actress Rebecca Gayheart. Her role in TV shows like Earth 2, Beverly Hills 90210, Earth 2, and more have brought the actress famous.She was born in Hazard, Kentucky on 12 August 1971. She is the daughter of Curtis Gayheart, a truck miner and driver, and Floneva Gayheart who is an independent cosmetics consultant.Rebecca is the proud mom of Elizabeth and Rachel as well as an older brother Curtis. She was born within Pine Top, Kentucky and is now part of the family.She performed in a show about Lizzie Borden’s life which she did in her freshman year in high school. When she was 15, she was crowned a model and then moved from Kentucky to New York City.She is an American citizen, and a part of German, Scottish, English and Scots-Irish nationalities. Her zodiac symbol is Leo.

Her graduation was from The Professional Children’s School, and after that she attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

Rebecca Gayheart Career

Rebecca Gayheart began her modeling career as a model for teenagers in the 1980s. Gayheart was also featured in the short movie directed by Brett Ratner.

In the 1990s, the actress signed an agreement to become the spokesperson for the band Noxzerma. The actress who initially was a part of the sci-fi drama . In later seasons, she was a part of the movie Earth 2 .

In 1997 her debut feature film was made in The No-Loss. She appeared in films such as Urban Legend 1998, Jawbreaker 1999, Shadow Hours 2000, Harvard Man 2001 and many more.

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Her sentence was probation and community service after she smashed into a young boy at a park in Los Angeles with her car in June 2001.

After her hiatus her appearance was on television with shows such as Dead Like Me 2003, Nip/Truck 2004 – 2006, Vanished 2006 and a host of others. She played a small role in the film Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.

Rebecca Gayheart Net Worth

According to net worth estimates of famous people, Rebecca Gayheart is worth around $5 million.

Her professional career in the film and television industries account for a significant part of her earnings.

While the revenue for the year-end of her company is undetermined, her business’s success is sure to be hundreds of thousands every year.

Her net worth is also expected to increase because of her increasing popularity and her professional career.

She has a luxurious lifestyle living in Los Angeles, California’s expensive and cozy real estate.

Rebecca Gayheart Personal Life

Let’s discuss her private life. Rebecca Gayheart seems to be living a single life. She doesn’t seem be in any relationship.

She was once married before. After 14 years in marriage, the actress separated from Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane.

There are two children born of her marriage. Gayheart was not open about her private life following the breakup.

She’s enjoying peace and happiness. She appears to be focused on her job and doesn’t seem able to make the time to spend with romance.

Rebecca Gayheart Age

Born in Hazard, Kentucky on 12 August 1971. The lady is now 51 old. age. She is the daughter of Curtis Gayheart, a truck driver and miner, as well as Floneva Gayheart who is an independent beauty consultant.

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Rebecca Gayheart Relationship Status

However, she was with a handful of people in her past, like Eric Dane

It’s been nearly 4 years now since Dane the actress was seen dating anyone publicly following the divorce she had from Dane.

She’s also extremely active and has plenty of time to spare. She will be able to find the perfect companion when the time is the right fit for her.

The first time she was involved in a love affair in a relationship with Brett Ratner, an American director. The two fell in love following the move into New York City.

He also created an educational film in which she was a part of. They even got getting married back in. Their relationship was extremely good.

Two years later the couple decided to end their wedding and split up. Their motives for breaking up remain a mystery.

She was found not guilty of vehicular murder and was sentenced with three years of probation and 750 hours of community service, and one-year suspension of her driver’s licence.

She came across Eric Dane, an actor in 2003. They began to date. They got married within one year.

After 14 years of marriage, the couple split up and left. The actress has never been with any other person and kept her private life a private.

Gayheart does not appear to be seeking any kind of commitment. She is living her life the way she likes. She’s content with her life and she’s living life fully.

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A year later, Gayheart was born 3 March 2010 with their very first daughter Georgia Geraldine Dane. They had a second baby girl Georgia Geraldine Dane was then born on the 28th of December the 28th of December, 2011.

While their lives were going smoothly but over time their relationship started to decline. She filed for divorce in February of 2018 with irreconcilable disputes.

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