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What Is Peezy net worth 2023 Forbes? This is the most reliable blog on Celebrity Net Worth, presents the complete information you’d like to learn about Peezy. This page will shed spotlight on Peezy’s bio, wiki, Peezy bio and wiki, his birthday, age and family information, as well as affairs controversy, caste and weight, height and more. It also includes rumors, less-known facts and much many more.

Answer all your questions, such as: how old is the man? What is his height? Are they still alive? Where is he now in 2023? What is his age? Is he married, single or divorced? What are the awards he has received? How can I contact him? What is the price of his most recent car and home? Who did he sign? What number of cars does Peezy have? What is Peezy first single? What is Peezy net Worth 2023 Forbes? More answers to your questions that are unanswered, with a wealth of fascinating information you’ll not want to miss out on about him.

Name Peezy
Net Worth $200K
Gender Male
Birth date 5 November 1991
Birthplace of the child Mobile, Alabama, United States
Nationality United States
Profession Rapper
Height N/A
Weight B/A
Last Updated 2023

Who is Peezy?

Peezy is an American rapper, famous for his famous hit song Chris Bosh, and he has released two studio albums under his name. Peezy is a part of Team Eastside, a group of rappers from the east side from Detroit Michigan.

Peezy Career

OMB Peezy was born in Mobile, Alabama, to an influential family. They grew up in Sacramento, California.

He released the single “Lay Down” as well as a music video for it in the year 2016. The label he signed him to was Sick Wid It Records and later 300 Entertainment in early 2017. In May 2017 he released “When I Was Down” .”

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Peezy also worked along with Jay Ant on Nef the Pharaoh’s track “Move 4” The song was released in 2017. The single was released by Peezy “Porch” on June 17, 2017. In July 2017 the single “Try to Sumthin” featuring Yhung To has been released. On the 11th of October the 11th of October, 2017, he dropped his EP, Humble Beginnings. The track was released by the artist “Yeah Yeah” featuring TK Kravitz in July 2018.

On the 10th of August on the 10th of August, 2018 his mixtape Loyalty Over Love came out. Preacher to the Streets, his most recent album is out April of 2019. The track was released by him “Everybody” during April of 2020. In the Meantime the mixtape came out the 15th of May. He also appeared on the remix by The Hunna of “Lost” in November 2020.

After firing on Roddy Ricch as well as 42 Dugg when they were making a music video in the month of March 2021, Peezy was arrested for the aggravated assault of the use of a deadly weapon as well as the possession of an firearm.

In the year 2019, Peezy surrendered to US federal authorities in the US federal government. Peezy along with 10 other members of the six mile Chedda Grove Gang were indicted with racketeering in the US Attorney’s Office. In a shootout that took place in 2015, the group was also accused of four deaths and serious injuries to minors.

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Peezy was released from prison in February having served an 18-month sentence for charges of racketeering and conspiracy that stemmed from an indictment in 2016. On the 10th of February 2021, Ghazi the owner EMPIRE Distribution, the company’s owner EMPIRE Distribution, and Peezy’s family members were there to welcome Peezy.

Who Is Peezy Girlfriend?

Peezy had been married before, and the couple had one son prior to their separation. Peezy is engaged to an unidentified woman who was seen with him in a post on Instagram.

Peezy family

Peezy’s parents’ names are not disclosed to the public, but he has one son named Cayden who he shared in a relationship with his wife who he divorced. He prefers to keep his private life private, but he does share pictures of his fans through his various social media sites.

Biography of Peezy

Peezy is an American rapper of African descent born on the 5th of November, 1991 , in Detroit Michigan. His parents divorced when he was young. Peezy was a student at Cooley high school following a time when being kicked out of the middle school he attended. Later He went to Mckenzie High School after being exiled during four(4) years.

The rapper’s Zodiac symbol is Scorpio and his love of music led him to leave school because it allowed him the time to focus on his rapping career was the time he resided alongside his parents for a brief time following the house’s the flames.

Peezy Net Worth 2023 Forbes

Based on our research at we discovered that the well-known Nigerian rapper as well as singer and songwriter “LeParis Dade” is estimated to have a Net worth of $200,000 in the update for 2023.

how did Peezy earn the money?

The popular American hip-hop artist, known professionally under the handle “Peezy” has many sources of income that allow his earnings to rise to more than $200K in 2023 upgrade.

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He earns the majority of his income from his professional life (as rapper from records sales, shows as well as brand promotions branding ambassadorship, the gifts that fans give him) in addition to his other ventures.

Is he alive or dead?

Based on our study the website, he’s still alive at the time of the 2023 update

A List Of All Peezy Albums

  • No Hooks * 2018
  • Ballin’ isn’t a Crime in 2017
  • Chicken Coupe * 2021
  • Winter Grind * 2017
  • Ghetto The Rich Niggaz *2020
  • Free Rio * 2021
  • Kut the Kap 2023
  • Ballin Ain’t A Crime 2 * 2020
  • No Hooks II * 2019

A Complete List Of Peezy Songs

  • I’m Good, Pt. 5
  • Create the Bear
  • Back End
  • Eastside
  • I’m Good, Pt. 6
  • Common Wealth
  • 7AM in ATL
  • Chicken Coupe
  • Perc 10
  • Winter Time Grind
  • Rio Flow
  • Sleep When I Die
  • We Don’t Scam
  • Belong with the Game
  • A Hunnit
  • Big Worm
  • Free Rio
  • 2 Quick
  • Can’t Explain
  • 64 Bars
  • Paid In Full
  • New Car Smell
  • Did Them All Day
  • Good & Bad
  • Ain’t Cheap
  • Hard Times Don’t Last
  • No Limit
  • Letter 2 Soda


  • The birth date was November 5, 1990 at Mobile, Alabama, United States.
  • His real name is “LeParis Dade”
  • Its net worth estimated at $200k as of the update of $800K.
  • He has currently over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 25K followers on Twitter.
  • Peezy is available on 300 Entertainment, Sick Wid It Records along with Atlantic Records labels

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