Olajide Omotayo Biography: Net Worth, age, sport

In this article , we present to Olajide Omotayo’s biography, net worth age, sport, table tennis playing career, and many more.

Before we go deeper into the details of Olajide Omotayo Biography, Olajide Omotayo’s life I will explain who Olajide Omotayo is.

Olajide omotayo biography

Name: Olajide omotayo

Born: 6th July 1995 (age 26)

Playing styles Strong topspin

country: Nigerian

State: Lagos

Table tennis: Sport

Who is Olajide Olajide Omotayo?

Olajide Omotayo is a Nigerian professional table tennis player who is based in Italy. Olajide omotayo is the youngest of six siblings. His highest world ranking as of today was 85. He currently ranks as 92nd according to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) male world rankings. Olajide omotayo is the current Champion of Africa after beating Quadri Aruna in the final to win Gold at the men’s singles event at the 2019 African Games, his debut appearance.

Olajide is well-known for his aggressive playing style that features a strong topspin strike. In the year 2017, Olajide secured a five-year sponsorship agreement with Gewo, a German kit maker, Gewo.

Olajide Omotayo Age

Olajide Omotayo was born on July 6, 1995 in the (26 years old) in the somolu region of Lagos State in Nigeria.

Olajide Omotayo Career

Olajide Omotayo began taking part in Table Tennis at the age of eight. It was his first introduction to the sport by his sister, referred to in the game as “Omobolanle Omotayo “, a Table Tennis champion from the nation’s table. Olajide Omotayo began his career playing for a local, Summer Table Tennis club located in his neighborhood in Shomolu Area, Lagos State in Nigeria. He played for his school during the Lagos State Table Tennis Competition for Primary Schools and the National School Sports Competition at the age of 9. He began competing for Nigeria on International Competitions at 11 years old. The year 2008 saw Olajide Omotayo was a representative of Nigeria in the All African Junior Table Tennis Championships in Alexandria Egypt where he took home Bronze.

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Since then, he’s made himself a leading player in Nigeria’s Senior Table Tennis Team in several international tournaments.

He is aiming to climb to the top 50 ranking players around the entire world.

Olajide Omotayo Education

Olajide Omotayo was a student at Pedro primary School, Famous, Bariga and, later, Morocco Comprehensive High School, Igbobi Yaba, Lagos for his Junior Secondary School Education prior to going to Baptist Senior High School, Obanikoro palmgroove for the High School Senior High School education.

Olajide omotayo Net worth

Olajide omotayo’s net worth was $3 million, as of the time of the time spent writing this article. The Fine9ja team could update the biography of the author at any time. We will update this article as soon as we receive a any new information regarding net worth.

Olajide omotayo social media handle

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