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Obi Cubana Net Worth 2022 Forbes

Obi Cubana Net Worth 2022 Forbes, Obinna Iyiegbu popularly called Obi Cubana is a Nigerian Based entertainer, businessman and philanthropist. He is also an entrepreneur, philanthro and show-killer. as chairman and owner of the well-known Cabana groups. Obi Cubana was born on 12 April 1975. currently, he’s 45 years old. older as of 2020. Obinna Iyiegbu best known as OBI CUBANA hails from Oba which is a community located in Demili-South Local Government Area in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Obi Cabana was a student at Central Primary School where he was awarded the First School Leaving Certificate. He then attended Dennis Memorial Grammar School Located in Onitsha where he received the West African High school Certificate(WAEC).

The real name Obinna Iyiegbu
Day of Birth April 12, 1975
Country of Origin Federal Republic of Nigeria
Source of Wealth Businessman
Net worth $96 million
Wife Mrs Ebele Iyiegbu
Children Alex, Ifeanyi, Ebube, Kosisochukwu,

In 1998, having completed his secondary and primary schooling, Obi Cubana proceeded to the University of Nigeria where he received a degree in Politics Science at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. in 2006 Obi Cubana established his very first nightclub Ibiza Club in Abuja seeking to satisfy the needs of fun seekers and nightlife fans. In the wake of the amazing growth he achieved in his club Ibiza Club, he established the Cubana group, which is a hospitality club that gives all-round entertainment in 2009. Cubana group was initially established at Owerri, Imo state capital Nigeria. In the present, Cubana has spread across several states of Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja, and Enugu.

List of Cubana Group businesses and establishments

  • Rolex Hotels – Lagos
  • Cubana Leisure Outfits
  • Pablo Cubana – Lagos
  • Crave Cubana – Abuja
  • Grand Cubana Hotels – Abuja
  • Opium Cubana – Owerri
  • Cubana Night Clubs – Lagos
  • Gustavo Cubana- Enugu

Obi Cubana works with close friends, like Paschal Okechukwu, popularly referred to as Cubana Chief Priest who manage his entertainment conglomerates across the nation. Obi Cubana in an interview recently said that he’s at present working with Cubana Dubai and Cubana Real Estate.

Obi Cubana Awards

Obi Cubana is a Nigerian who has been awarded numerous awards and recognition throughout the country. It has expanded its reach to Nigerian borders, as well as beyond Nigeria. Some of the accolades Obi Cubana has received include:

  • Democracy Heroes Award 2018 for Democracy Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • The RightVille School special leadership Award May 2017,
  • Ghana-Nigeria Achievers Award 2017 as Inspiring Personality Award, 2017
  • Northern Nigeria Peace Summit/Award 2017 as Northern Nigeria Peace Builder of the year 2017.
  • Nigeria film corporation Entertainment as Icon Award 2017
  • Young Entrepreneur from the Year in the year
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Obi Cubana Personal Life

The year 2008 was the time that Obi Cubana was married in 2008 to his gorgeous wife, Ebele Iyiegbu, who is a lawyer by profession. Their union has four sons. She is referred to as”the mother to boys. Obi Cubana has a husband named Ebele Iyiegbu, who is the founder and the owner of KIEK foundation which is a non-governmental organisation founded to improve the lives of those who are poor children of our society through high-quality nutrition, education, healthcare and child’s rights management.

Obi Cubana Wife

Businessman billionaire Obi Cubana has disclosed that he had a relationship with his wife while staying in a single-room boys’ quarters in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Ebele Iyiegbu is director of Casa Cubana homes, Founderand CEO of the KIEK Foundation, and Legal Partner at Bryan Micheals & Associates. Obi Cubana and his wife Ebele have tied the knot in 2008, and have four children four boys Alex, Ifeanyi, Ebube Kosisochukwu and Ifeanyi. Ebele was born on the 29th of September, 1979 at Obosi, Anambra State.

Who is Obi Cubana?

Obinna Iyiegbu better known as Obi Castrona is born in Oba in the Local Government Area Demili-South in Anambra State in Nigeria.

Obi received his education at Central Primary School in Oba and was awarded his First School-Leaving Certificate(FSLC). He then attended the Onitsha’s Dennis Memorial Grammar School where they awarded him the West Africa Senior School Certificate (WASSCE).

Obi graduated from secondary and primary high school at the age of 1998. He went on to Nsukka University (UNN), where he completed his initial degree, which was a major in Political Science.

Obi Cubana married Mrs Ebele Eyiegbu in 2008. Mrs Ebele is a lawyer by trade and the creator of the KIEK foundation. The non-governmental foundation was founded to enhance the lives of children who are less fortunate in the world through high-quality educational and nutritional services. The association has four kids (all boys). ).

Obi Cubana Net Worth 2022 Forbes

Obi Cubana One of Nigeria’s most well-known entrepreneurs, is said to have an estimated net worth of $96 million , according the report by Forbes.

Obi Cubana Net Worth in Naira

Obi Cubana is currently one of the wealthiest and most famous entertainers, personalities as well as show promoters and entrepreneurs in Nigeria His net worth is believed to be ₦67 million. Based on his earnings, property and assets.

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Obi Cubana Cars

Don’t forget that I mentioned before the fact that Obi Cubana’s garage has a value of billions. Let’s take a look at his pricey list of cars:

2022 Mercedes Benz S580

Man of the people man of 2021. Obi Cubana purchases himself an Mercedes-Benz Maybach S580 guard bulletproof worth more than 250 Million Naira.

The news was reported through his friend Man Like Chico who took to his Instagram post to share the details of the recently purchased vehicle. Congrats to the boss @obi_cubana. It’s ample

Two Lexus LX

His wife and he have one car each, and it is the vehicle they use to take their family time when they go on an excursion, it’s an impressively spacious SUV, and has the following attributes. The 5.7-litre V8 engine that produces 403 lb-ft of torque3 contributes an extra power source to luxurious LX. With its imposing appearance and an eye-catching LED light the LX excels in elegance and style. The LX gives a bird’s-eye perspective of the car’s surroundings19 to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Mercedes Benz 4matic S450

It is his vehicle, and he’s been the car a lot of times, and he claims that he loves the car due to it’s comes with the following attributes. Its S450 4Matic is similar to the standard S450 however it has the addition of all-wheel drive and with no option for Magic Body Control. This means it is able to accelerate faster but the downside is on fuel efficiency and the ultimate level of comfort.

Obi cubana Range Rover

It has also been seen together with obi Cubana’s wife a few times when she is using it to work as well as other places of importance. It comes with these features and provides an extremely refined experience as well as the most advanced Range Rover Sport capability both on and off the road. PHEV can take its Range Rover Sport from 0-60 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds. It then accelerates to an maximum speed of 137 mph.

Who is the owner of Cubana?

Obinna Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana holds the top percentage of shares in Cubana Group – Africa’s most luxurious Ecstatic Hospitality brand.

Obi Cubana House

Obi Cubana has a millionaire worth mansion, which he has recently completed. The interior of this mansion is stunning and goes above the norms of the typical mansion. This mansion that is unique features an exclusive cinema, an underground wine cellar as well as a private swimming pool and a host of other features the mansion

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Obi Cubana mother’s burial

The Nightlife entrepreneur was reported to have received 346 cows and 72 goats. He also received 20 rams for Mother’s Burial The entrepreneur. Obinna Iyiegbu has not been able to resist receiving gifts from his colleagues, friends and the people he has helped throughout his life. The news was reported earlier that Obi received 46 cows from an employee he used to work for Cubana Chiefpriest, and 10-cows of his long-time buddy and former billionaire Jowi Zaza.

Obi Cubana residence in Abuja

Cubana Group Boss has a new mansion that is worth billions of dollars with top-of-the-line designs and a luxurious interior. Abuja, Obi recently invited guests to join him for an insider’s tour.

The video of the mansion that is nearing completion was uploaded to Snapchat by the oil tycoon Joseph Ezeokafor, also called Jowizazaa. The mansion has an exclusive cinema as well as underground wine cellars as well as a private swimming pool and many more.


Obi cabana, a venture which has made a significant progress up to now, yet it is a charming person and prefers to live an unassuming lifestyle He has only two cars and lots of assets.

Obi Cubana worth in dollars?Obi Cubana is one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in Nigeria according to his assets and investments throughout the country. According to Forbes Obi Cubana’s estimated net worth at $96 million.

Are you sure that Obi Cubana one of the most prosperous?Obi Cubana is currently one of the most wealthy and most influential entertainers, personalities, show organizers, and entrepreneurs in Nigeria

What exactly does Obi Cubana do to earn an income?Obinna Iyiegbu well-known in the popular media as Obi Cubana is an Nigerian Based entertainer, businessman as well as philanthropist, entrepreneur and show runner. He is chairman and owner of the well-known Cabana groups.

Is Obi Cubana A graduate?Obi Cubana completed his primary schooling at an elementary school central to Oba. He then went to Onitsha for second grade at Dennis Memorial Grammar School. Obi did not stop there. He was admitted to Nsukka, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and, in 1998, the university graduated him with a degree in political science.

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