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Nba Youngboy Net Worth 2023 Forbes

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Who is Nba Youngboy?

Kentrell DeSean Galulden better known by his stage name Nba Youngboy, is an American rapper who made his income through writing songs. In 2017 He released his own mixtapes and earned enough to cover his expenses.

The rapper dropped six songs which pushed him into the spotlight in 2017 and has been among the most popular rappers of his time earning a significant amount of money by singing.

Kentrell DeSean was conceived on the 20th of October, 1999. He is now 23 years old and expecting his 9th child together with his fiancée.

Nba Youngboy Net Worth 2023 Forbes

Nba Youngboy is well-known for earning most of his money from singing, songwriting and singing and. His amazing music video is also helping him earn money. The latest track, “You Knew”, is one of 1.4 million video clips on YouTube as of the day of his release. The net worth is $6.5 million .


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