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Who is Murja Ibrahim Kunya?

Biography, Wikipedia. Murja Kunya, who’s real name is Murja Ibrahim Kunya (born 12 January) is a Nigerian born Hausa TikTok Content Creator Actress Model and Skit Maker as well as a brand Influencer. The net worth of her is estimated at $180,000 US dollars, which is estimated to be about N56 million Naira by 2023.

Murja Kunya is a Kannywood TikToker and is also known as an actor that is located within Kano state. She was detained over her birthday celebrations at Kano Hotel. She is from Kano state.

Murja Kunya is an Northern TikTok well-known influencer, with over 359k views and 109k followers in TikTok on January 20, 2023.

Murja Ibrahim Kunya is a member of the the tribe of Hausa-Fulani from Kano the state of Kano. She is a Muslim born into an Islamic family which includes the parents, the mother as well as father Alhaji and Hajia Kunya. She is extremely happy for her parents. She even put the words “Love Mom and Dad” Mom” on the page in the profile on her TikTok profile.

Her birth date was on the 12th of January in the 90s. She is in her mid-20s , and she was celebrating her birthday. It was scheduled to take place on 29th of January at Kano’s hotel. Kano however , she was arrested.

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Murja Ibrahim Kunya Is not currently married She isn’t an expectant mother and hasn’t yet revealed who her boyfriend or fiance is.

Murja Ibrahim Kunya Tiktok Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Murja Kunya (Tiktok)

Real Name: Murja Ibrahim Kunya

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Kano State

Hometown: Kano

Tribe: Hausa – Fulani

Religion: Muslim

Place Of Birth: Kano

Date Of Birth: 12 January 1990s

Height: 5″6 feet tall

Occupation, Career: Actress, TikToker, Brand Influencer, Singer

Net Worth: $80,000 US Dollars

Marital Status: Single

Husband: Not Married

Boyfriend: N/A

Children: 0

Parents: Mr and Mrs Kunya

Facebook: Murja Ibrahim Kunya

What happened to Murja Kunya? Murja Ibrahim Kunya commonly referred to by the name of Murja Kunya was detained at the venue of her birthday celebrations in Kano at the Hotel.

Murja Ibrahim Kunya The Arrest of Murja Ibrahim Kunya Popular as well known Hausa comedy skit maker, Murja Kunya, was arrested to the custody of Police in the Tahir Hotel in Kano on the 29th January 2023. Daily Nigeria reports.

The police arrested Murja Ibrahim Kunya while trying to find a suitable room for her guests who have traveled from all over world for her widely-publicized birthday party.

In September of last year, a Sharia court sent an email sent to Kano state commissioner to request the State Commissioner of Police to investigate and detain in the matter of Murja Ibrahim Kunya together with the other TikTokers to be found guilty of sabotage of the morals of society.

Other TikTokers that are included in the letter include Mr. 442 Safara’u Maraya, Amude Booth Kawu Dan Sarki Ado Gwanja Ummi Shakira and Samha Inuwa , and Babiana.

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Kannywood Hausa TikTok stars

“Sequel to the complaint that was filed with the names of Muhd Ali Hamza Esq, Abba Mahmud, Esq, Sunusi I. Umar Esq, Abba, A.T Bebeji Esq, B.I Usman Esq, Muhd Nasir Esq, L.T Dayi Esq, G.A Badawi & Badamasi Suleiman Gandu Esq I was instructed by the Chief for the Judge of Bichi, the High Sharia Court Kano to write to you and ask you to look into the above suspects to ensure that proper action is taken.” The letter is read out in the section.

What was the reason Murja Kunya Arrested: Murja Ibrahim Kunya was arrested for allegedly influencing morality of the people of Northern Nigeria through her lifestyles and the content she posted, including videos and articles posted through TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Murja Ibrahim Kunya Tiktok Arrested

Murja Ibrahim Kunya released Is Murja Kunya been released? Murja Kunya was released but was not invited to the party at her hotel to host the celebration of her birthday.

Reactions To Murja Ibrahim Kunya Arrest

Usman Tokari: I am delighted to have heard of Murja Ibrahim Kunya got arrested by the Kano police command. This is a tragedy and is a detrimental signal for our culture and heritage. culture. We need to come together and pray for the liberation in our community from dark elements.

Ini Edet Ini Edet: While I’ve condemned corruption and bad behavior, however this isn’t an excuse to justify based on the Holy texts to be prosecuted regardless of the fact that the constitution which isn’t amended guarantees the right to life , the right to free speech. What is the reason for Islamic religion applying sharia rules to rule over infringe on the Nigeria constitution? Nigerians have Christianity as well as traditional religions, and numerous other religions!

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Muslims ought to get rid of all the absurdity that is in the name of doing things that aren’t true.

All Souls belongs to God by virtue of buying blood at Jesus Christ!

Murja Ibrahim Kunya Net Worth

According the report by Forbes, Murja Ibrahim Kunya is believed to have a value at $80,000 US Dollars.

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