Meaning of ‘Machala’ Slang in Nigeria [EXPLAINED]

Simple, Machala refers to someone or something that is significant and important who has a powerful influence and has achieved impressive achievements in his peers. When you say you are Machala Machala means that you say you’re like a “Lion and a leader’ or a king that commands respect regardless of where you are.

Nigerian musician, Wizkid is affectionately referred to as Machala by his followers and the loyal Wizkid FC fan club due to his global popularity and the immense influence his music is having all around the world.

Carter Efe, a comedian and singer, wrote and released a track ” Machala” inspired by Wizkid who revealed that he believes that he’s achieved the status of a machala after having the pleasure of meeting Wizkid during his visit to Ghana and the world went nuts about the song on Instagram.

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