Mariya Dangote Biography, Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Mariya Dangote does not appear as Fatima Dangote whom is well known and well-loved on social media and on the internet.

Mariya Dangote is one of the three daughters of Africa Alikthe O Dangote. the most successful black woman on earth can be Mariya. She isn’t well educated and is working hard to earn her own income. The report declares that she does not depend on the wealth of her family.

Name Mariya dangote
Day of Birth Unknown
Country Nigeria
State Kano state
Tribe Hausa
Occupation Business
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Net Worth $11 million
Phone Number Nil

Mariya Dangote Early life

Mariya Dangote was raised in Kano, Kano state, Nigeria. She was a student at the primary and secondary schools within Nigeria.

She completed her master’s degree from Coveney University, in United Kingdom, where she also earned her bachelor’s degree.

Mariya Dangote Net Worth

Mariya Dangote is well-known as the daughter and manager of Aliko Dangote in Africa. According to revenue estimations online her net worth is valued at $12 million.

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