List of Loan Websites For Taking Easy Loans Online in Nigeria 2023

There are numerous websites that permit both individuals and companies to apply online for loans. Some of the most popular websites to apply for loans are:


LendingTree is an internet-based marketplace for lending which connects borrowers with lenders via a network. Customers can compare loans from a variety of lenders before choosing the one that’s best for their needs.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a site that offers free credit scores and credit reports for users. The site also has the loan marketplace, where users can examine loan offers from a variety of lenders and even apply online for loans.


SoFi is a site which offers individual loans and student loans as well as mortgage loan customers. It allows users to make loans applications or manage their account online.


Prosper operates an online loan platform which permits customers to make an application on personal loans. The users can get up to $40,000, and choose between a variety of repayment conditions.

Lending Club

Lending Club is an online lending platform that lets customers to request personal and business loan or student loans. Customers can take out loans up to $40,000, and choose among a variety of repayment conditions.


Lydia provides online loans and allows companies of all sizes to have fast and easy access to cash for business operations. Lydia provides small and medium-sized enterprises unsecure loans ranging from $500 to $15,000.

Aella Credit

Aella Credit is a platform on the internet as well as a mobile application that provides short-term loans to people from Nigeria. The app allows users to apply for loans up to NGN 500 million and have access to funds in minutes.

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