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Lil Kesh Biography

Keshinro Ololade and also known by the name Lil Kesh is a Nigerian singer, musician and music producer. Born on 14th March, 1995. He gained fame following the debut of the popular single “Shoki”. Lil Kesh was born and was raised in Bariga an area located in Lagos State Nigeria. His musical career started in 2012 when he started performing with his peers in Bariga. He released his first track “Lyrically” which was a hit single that was a huge success across the universities of Nigeria.

Lil Kesh Career

Lil Kesh began his musical career in 2012 when he began performing with peers in Bariga. Then, he dropped the debut single in his career which was titled Lyrically. The song went viral within the limits of Nigerian universities.

Following his release the signing, he was signed by his record company Yahoo Boy No Laptop Nation that is also known by his brand name YBNL Nation. YBNL is an independent record label founded by Nigerian Olamide in 2012. Olamide in the year 2012. The label was owned by Olamide. Lil Kesh dropped a series of singles that were hits, including Shoki, Gbese, Efejoku, Last Card, etcetera and launched his album debut YAGI.

in 2014, she debuted an incredibly popular single titled Shoki. Shoki was a hit on a variety of charts , and brought the well-known artist to the limelight. In the wake of this, Shoki got nominated to win awards however only two were accepted.

Lil kesh Age

Lil kesh was born on the 14th of March at Lagos State. Therefore, he’s currently at the age of 27.

If you’re one his followers, you won’t be able to resist being with him for the day he was born.

Lil kesh Net Worth

Lil Kesh is a prominent Nigerian musician as a rapper, songwriter, and rapper. He is also the proprietor of the label called YAGI (Young as well as Getting It).

His career has been enriched by a salary that has been steady. Today, Lil Kesh has an estimated net worth of $1.9 million.

In 2015 the Efejoku singer had signed an endorsement contract which was worth millions Naira for Surebet, a Nigerian internet-based betting and odds on sports company called Surebet.

Lil Kesh Personal Life

Keshinro Ololade, called Lil Kesh, is a stunning young man who is captivating with a grin. The YAGI cast members are 5’9 inches with an average weight of 74 kilograms. The actor has dark brown eyes. His hair is naturally black.

Lil Kesh is not very open about his personal life. But, he’s shared some information regarding his relationships with other people and the past.

In a discussion with the Sunday Beats in the year 2017, the Nigerian said that there was not any sign of any connection, the last time he was with a person was in 2016.

As of this moment, we’re unable to discern whether he’s been part of a group or not.

One thing we do are certain of is that Lil Kesh is not married and doesn’t have any known child.

Stint with YBNL & YAGI

In the year Lil Kesh released his first album as a studio artist, he was under signed a deal to YBNL Nation — the famous record label run by Olamide. After the expiration of his contract with YBNL the rapper decided to establish his own record label.

YAGI that is the name given to Lil Kesh’s debut studio album, later became an official name for his label.

The abbreviation “YAGI” means “young and growing into it”.

In an interview with Sunday Beats about his decision to leave YBNL and to YAGI Records, he said: “I was not scared when I decided to step away from the record label owned by Olamide. I’m never afraid I knew that it was the right decision which is why I was not scared. To date, I believe that the decisions have helped me grow in my personal life and as brand . For one I’m a better person, mentally. Right now I’m not a tool for the development of a business. Instead, I contribute in my own personal growth.

“Looking towards the finance aspect also is a great move. I can’t say that I will benefit from what I’ve done in a matter of days, but every decision I take now will ensure that I am able to have the best possible future. I’m doing this to ensure the next . When I declared that I would be leaving Olamide’s record label people were skeptical. However, I have proved them wrong with my release of hits songs. For me I was not in a position of failure. It was a win-win-win . That was my strength, and the fans I have had been inspiring in their support of me to keep going. My thanks to my supporters. Without much effort, the outcomes have always been incredible.

” Life as a label owner as compared to when I was an independent label is great however, I am also juggling greater responsibilities . Life is more difficult because of the responsibilities. it represents growth and the decision to leave YBNL was an extremely significant move within my own life,” Lil Kesh stated.

Lil Kesh girlfriend

Lil Kesh is not very open about his personal life. However, he’s released some clues about his previous and current relationship.

Also , in an interview for Sunday Beats he in the beginning of 2017 declared that there was no relationship with him. The most recent time he was with someone was in 2016.

However, for the moment we aren’t able to tell whether he’s recently been in a partnership or not.

Lil Kesh Social Media Handles

Lil Kesh is an artist who is adored by the youth who live on “the the streets”. He is one of the most liked celebrities on Instagram with over 3.1 million followers.

In addition there are over 1 million users who are following his Facebook page. Shokicrooner can also be found on Twitter. Shokicrooner is also available found on Twitter.

  • Instagram: @lilkeshofficial
  • Twitter: . @lilkeshofficial
  • Facebook: Lil Kesh

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