Kabiru Gombe Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Phone Number

Biography of Kabiru Gombe

Kabiru Gombe Biography

Kabir Muhammad Haruna sometimes referred to Kabiru Gombe, is a Nigerian Islamic scholar. Cleric, mufassir and also the preacher.

Since December 11, he is currently the National Secretary General of the Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’ah wa Iqamatus Sunnah the country’s largest Salafiyyah Movement.

Kabiru Gombe Early Life

Muhammad Kabir Haruna was received into the
Family of Malam Haruna Mai Jalalaini.
Cosmetic trader in Kuri, Yamaltu/Deba LGA
Gombe State

Muhammad Kabir Haruna is said to be who? He was able master the Quran very early in his life.

Kabiru Gombe Career

Muhammad Kabir Haruna was young at the time he began on his path.
JIBWIS member of the group for religious assistance.
They were also known by the name of “Yan Agaji” (Hasa) and were
Later, he traveled for a trip to Saudi Arabia for further religious education.
knowledge along with Qur’an sciences.

Muhammad Kabir Haruna, the Secretary in office at present.
Since the creation of the Nigerian Izala Society
December 2011.

The man is also a Ramadan Tafsir performer who has had da’wahs across Nigeria, Cameroun and Chad and other countries like Ghana, Niger, Cameroun and Chad.

Muhammad Kabir Haruna also makes deep
The preaching of women’s issues.

Muhammad Kabir Haruna, currently the secretary of national for JIBWIS is in charge.

Kabiru Gombe Net Worth

According to the online Revenue Estimators the net worth of Sheik Kabiru Gombe, a well-known Islamic scholar has been estimated at $600,000.

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