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Jay Boogie Net Worth, Biography, Age, Phone Number

Jay Boogie Biography

Famous Nigeria influencer Daniel Anthony popularly known as Jay Boogie is born and raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Jay Boogie Profile – Personal Information – Date Of Birth, Age, Parent, Family – Nationality/Country – State Of Origin – Race, Religion – Contact Information – Phone Number, Email – Social Media Accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – Daniel Anthony History

Real Name: Daniel Anthony
Stage Name: Jay Boogie
Father Name: Anthony
Mother Name: Under Research
Wife: Not Married
Nationality: Nigerian
Country: Nigeria
Born/Date Of Birth: 26 June 1998
Age: Twenty-four years (2022)
State Of Origin: River State
House Address: Under Research
Occupation/Work: Singer, Song Writter
Marital Status: Single
Origin/Ethinc/Tribe: Igbo
Religion: Christianity
Email: Under Research
Phone Number: Under Research
Net Worth: $150,000 USD

Jay Boogie Career

Jay Boogie is a cross-dresser from Nigeria. After posting several photos of himself on his Instagram feed, he received the attention of. People were awed by his images and began questioning whether he’s an adult or a child.

Jay Boogie runs the beauty consultancy JaySecrets in which he also offers an own brand of cosmetics.Twerking videos is another feature Jay Boogie shares on his Instagram profile.

Jay Boogie also participates in fashion-forward challenges for women. Jay Boogie took part in the #BusseditChallenge 2021.By posting photos, videos and advice for makeup via Instagram, Jay Boogie has built up a massive following.

Jay Boogie became popular in 2020, and has been popular on all major online social networks.
His facial features and body form are clearly feminine.

So the fact that he is classified as gay by a lot of people. Alongside being a model Jay Boogie has revealed that he is an accomplished dancer.

How Jay Boogie Change To Woman

A lot of doctors recommend to see the gender-specific psychologist or any other mental health specialist before you make a decision.

The condition, previously described as “gender identity disorder” will be first diagnosed by a psychotherapist. The people who suffer from this condition are uncomfortable because they believe that they’re the other gender.

The therapist will assess your ability to grant an informed consent for hormone therapy or, if necessary, surgery, in addition to your knowledge of what’s included, including the risks and limitations of gender change surgery.

Based on Jamison Green PhD who is president of the World Professional Association, “They also know if their patients are part of an online community that can aid them or determine whether they are strong enough internally to take care of themselves.”

How Jay Boogie Got Transgendered Into A Lady

While it can take up to five years to experience the full effect, physical changes may begin to manifest in just a few days following treatment.

For instance, males changing their genders should expect A-cups, or at times larger breasts to fully develop within about 2 to 3 years.

However, hormone therapy can have effects that go beyond changing your appearance. According to Green the therapy can rapidly and effectively reduce the feeling of gender-based dysphoria.

“People begin to feel relaxed, less intense and tighter in the course of a few weeks of starting hormonal therapy” Dr. A.J. argues. “Some individuals claim they are now more relaxed and normal. Of course, it’s quite subjective.

According to doctor Sherman Leis, DO, of the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery The use of hormone therapy is not without risk.

Jay Boogie Net Worth

The well-known crossdresser as well as transgender Daniel Anthony popularly know as Jay Boogie has an estimated net worth of around $150,000 US Dollars, which is equivalent to around N90,000,000 million Naira in Nigeria Currency.

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