Iamnasboi Biography, Net Worth, Career, Age, State Of Origin, Education, Girlfriend

Iamnasboi Biography

Iamnasboi the real name is Lawal Michael Bolaji Nasiru, is a Nigerian comedian and creator of content best well-known for his humorous Instagram video clips. (Iamnasboi Biography)

After beginning his career as a musician Iamnasboi decided to try comedy when the frustration he felt in his attempts to earn some name for himself in the world of music.

He is most famous for his hilarious videos, in which he portrays various characters , such as the Chief Romanus as well as another one playing that role Davido who is a well-known Nigerian artist.

You’re here to learn everything you can about Iamnasboi’s history, including the history of Iamnasboi as well as Iamnasboi Net Worth, Iamnasboi age, the gender of iamnasboi, Iamnasboi relationships with Iamnasboi tribes, religions, education, and many other things.

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Here is the official profile of Nigerian comedian Iamnasboi

Iamnasboi profile

Real name: Lawal Michael Bolaji Nasiru

Age: N/A

Date Of Birth: 13 April

Osun state

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation : Comedian, Content creator

Tribe: Yoruba

Net worth: N/A

Iamnasboi Early Life

Iamnasboi real name is Lawal Michael Bolaji Nasiru is from South West Nigeria, Osun State and was born on 13 13 March , 1990.

He began the career of a performer, but the idea of trying comedy came to him as he wasn’t able to get success in the field of art.

Iamnasboi Education

He completed his primary schooling through Nigeria where he was awarded his school leave first. He also completed secondary school in Osun and was awarded his final education certificate in West Africa.

Iamnasboi Career

Iamnasboi was able to start his professional career as musician , but didn’t receive enough attention and decided to venture into comedy.

He portrays various roles in his video, among them Chief Romanus and a different persona in which he mimics his voice Davido the popular Nigerian musician.

He caught the attention of

He is an artist who’s videos get regularly shared across every social media platform. Tundednut posts his videos frequently on his Facebook page and has earned him a lot of followers.

Iamnasboi has more than one million Instagram followers and also shares his YouTube videos. YouTube.

Iamnasboi Girlfriend

Iamnasboi said that he was engaged and kept his love’s identity from the public.

Iamnasboi Social media

Follow Iamnasboi through all the social platforms clicking the hyperlink below

Instagram: @iamnasboi

TikTok: @iamnasboi

Facebook: @iamnasboi

Twitter: @iamnasboi

Iamnasboi Net Worth

According to Forbes, in 2022 Iamnasboi ha an estimated net worth of $50000 dollars as of when this was published. He earns money through collaboration with other brands and also by sharing his content on YouTube.

Iamnasboi Net Worth in Naira

According to Forbes, in 2022 Iamnasboi has an estimated net worth of N25 Million Naira

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What is the actual name of Iamnasboi?

Iamnasboi real name is Lawal Michael Bolaji Nasiru

What is iamnasboi Tribe?

Iamnasboi is from Youruba.

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