How To See Someone Activity On Tiktok

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How To See Someone Activity On Tiktok

If both of you and your followers on the other hand have enabled Activity Status, you will be able to determine who is active and the last time they were active using TikTok. This will also allow your followers to track when you’re inactive or using TikTok. If you and your mutual followers have this feature activated, you will not notice the activity status of one another.

If you and your friends’ followers or users have turned on activity status, you will only determine if they are active or not through TikTok. Not everyone has access to Activity Status currently. To access this feature, you need to be at least 18 years old. of age.

Active status

Green dots appears on the profile photo of a person who is online via TikTok.
*The green dot may remain visible even after the user has logged off TikTok.
This status will be shown in your Inbox as well as in the message topics and the profile of a friend who you share a common bond and in the user’s profile. If you choose a person to tag, post a comment on or post an TikTok clip, you’ll find the clip in your Inbox.

Last active status

* If a user doesn’t appear to be active on TikTok in the moment, a relative timestamp will be shown to indicate the date they last logged on.
* The last current status is visible on your Inbox and on message boards.

TikTok allows you to show activity status for up to two weeks. If someone did not have active status for longer than two days, the status will not be displayed.

How do you change Your Activity Status

Privacy settings are able to switch off or on your Activity Status at any point. Remember that when you switch off Activity Status, you will be unable to see your followers who are mutual will not be able see the activity status of each other regardless of whether they have it on.

To turn your Activity Status off or on:
1. Tap Profile in the lower right.
2. Tap the 3-line menu icon located at the top of the screen.
3. Tap Settings and Privacy, then tap Privacy.
4. To toggle the Activity Status to off or on click on the toggle button. This setting is by default off.


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