Feezy Biography, Net Worth, Phone Number, Age

The Arewa YNS Musician Abdulhafiz Abdullahi well-known as Feezy as well as Wonderwise.

He is among the most talented Northern Artists in YNS, Feezy was born on the 15thof September 1997.

Feezy was born in Nigeria and raised in Kaduna state in Nigeria.

Feezy Biography Profile – Personal Information

Real Name: Abdulhafiz Abdullahi
Father Name: Abdullahi
Religion: Islam
Nationality/Country: Nigeria
State: Kaduna
Ethnicity/Tribe: Hausa
Occupation: Musician
Awards: 2018 Paki’s Collection and Awards Best Music Video Amanah, MB Entertainment 2018, 2019 ABU Annual Music Awards Best Music Video Toyfriend

Feezy Music Career

The well-known artist Feezy began his career in music during his year 2012 in his group Yaran North Side (YNS) group.

In a couple of years when he released his first album entitled “Feelings” in the year 2016 and his follow-up album “Tune In” in 2018 and toured across the entire of Northern Nigeria (Arewa). The group is a prestigious one.

Feezy Early Life History

Feezy was born in Kaduna state in the Northern region of Nigeria where he went to his primary and secondary school in the Kaduna Capital School.

He went on through Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria , where he pursued a degree in Computer science. YNS Feezy was inspired by Chris brown and Owl city.

Feezy Performance In YNS

Feezy appeared in the Kadamfest stage Kadamfest in December 2015 on the same platform, alongside stars like Yemi Alade Ice Prince, MI 2Face, and many more musicians who hail from Southern Nigeria, Feezy also performed alongside other Yaran North Side artistes YNS such as Dj AB his brother, Geeboy, Lil Prince, Mr Kebzee, and many other musicians from the same business.

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Feezy YNS Discography

The YNS Artiste Feezy has released hits songs like “An Fara Physics (ft. Geeboy & Wiz mo) The song has been a trend for over 3 year across Northern Nigeria, also a song’s title Lies (Ft. Sagy & Mr. Kebzee), Spy, Raina Ni, Toyfriend, Lolo Yo Baby”.

He was featured in Yaran North Side’s smash singles like (Su Wa Yene? Su Baba Ne) and (Da So Samu Ne).

He has also been featured on other labels as friends and his experience, talent and the Arewa lifestyle to develop the sound of his Pop as well as a Rap-inspiring R&B style sound.

Feezy Awards And Nominations

On December 16, 2018 MB entertainment awarded an honorary award for Feezy in the category of “Best Musician of the Year.”

Feezy was also awarded to honor “Best song video” of the year Toyfriend” in the year 2018 from the Paki’s collection and also an the honor of “Best music video Amana” on the 1. ABU Annual Music Award.

Feezy Music, Songs, Album’s, Videos Mp4 & Mp3 Download

  • Til’ I Die
  • Your Love
  • Feelings (feat. Jigsaw)
  • Go To Him
  • I’m With You Baby (feat. Zayn Africa & DJ AB)
  • Ni Da Ke (feat. Geeboy & Mr Kebzee)
  • Got You
  • Breaking Up With You
  • Make You Mine
  • Be With You (feat. DJ AB)
  • Broken Heart (feat. Lil Prince & Huzzie)
  • Karki Damu
  • Kolo
  • Babban Yaro
  • Burning
  • Chewing Gum (feat. DJ AB)
  • I Want You By My Side (feat. Jayde)
  • Ibiraga
  • Jipp (feat. Geeboy & Lil Prince)
  • Gimme Some More
  • Cards (feat. Geeboy, Lil Prince & Mr Kebzee)
  • Will You (feat. DJ AB & Sheggz)
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Feezy Contact Phone Number, Social Media Accounts, Email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Below is the contact details of feezy should you wish to contact him or to book him.

Twitter: @feeiziey
Instagram: @feeiziey
Facebook: @feeiziey
Phone Number: Not Available
Email: [email protected]

Feezy Net Worth

YNS Famous Musician, Feezy has an estimated net worth of $100,00 US Dollar.

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