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Dimmykiss Biography

Dimmykiss real name: Dimmy

Stage Name: Dimmykiss

Date of Birth: 1990

Age: Below 30

Profession: Motivational speaker/ Town Crier

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $100K dollars

Who is Dimmykiss?

Dimmykiss the Nigerian motivational speaker, is extremely popular. Dimmykiss, known as a well-known town crier, is famous in his inspirational and national situations skits that he broadcasts through the social networks.

Dimmykiss is a brave man who does not hesitate to talk about his thoughts to others. He was an ex-diplomat who was a public speaker about Nigeria as a state of the nation. Dimmykiss is certainly a courageous and humorous person I have met on the streets of Nigeria as a motivational speaker.

Dimmykiss Career

Dimmykiss started her career in the field of motivational speaker several years ago. Dimmykiss became popular after posting a video on Instagram in which he spoke about national issues. This put him in the spotlight and made him a household name via social media.

Dimmykiss Date Of Birth

Dimmykiss is born on the the year 1990. He is just 30 at the time this article on dimmykiss bio and net worth is being written.

Dimmykiss Net Worth

Dimmykis Net worth is estimated to be $100K when the article was published.

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Dimmykiss Instagram Handle

Follow dimmykiss through the official Instagram account at @ dimmykiss


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