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Dave Navarro Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Girlfriend

This article provides information on Dave Navarro net worth, Age, Biography as well as his career, wife and girlfriend.

Dave Navarro Biography

Dave Navarro, is an American hard and alternative rock musician , has been a household name for thirty years and more, he’s been an outstanding guitar player, songwriter, and singer.

His birth was on 7th the month of June in 1967 in America with the birth Sign ( Gemini).

He is also famous for being the founder of the American rock group Jane’s Addiction. He also served as a guitarist for the American rock band funk.

Jane Navarro is currently dating Andrea Tantaros, his long-term partner. He has been was married 3 times. From 1990 until 1992, he was wed to Tania Goddard. He then married Rhian Gittins in 1994. He was the third wedding anniversary of Carmen Electra, from 2001 until 2007.

Dave Navarro Wiki Profile

Date Of Birth: 1967, June, 7
Birth Name David Michael Navarro
Net Worth $22.5 million
Gender Male
Birth Nation United States
Birth Sign Gemini
Dave Navarro, an American musician, songwriter, and singer is a popular TV host. He is well-known for his part in the band Jane’s Addiction.

Dave Navarro Early Life and Education

The birthplace of his father was Santa Monica, California on 7th June 1967. He is the son James Raul Navarro’s and Constance Colleen Hopkins.

Dave has an older brother named Gabriel. John Riccardi, Dave’s ex-boyfriend killed his mother and aunt in 1983. He was arrested in 1991. detained.

Dave was also featured on the TV show America’s Most Wanted which helped authorities track down the murderer. Dave stated that he was to be with his mother however, he visited his father the night of her murder.

Navarro is a part of several ethnic groups which include English, Welsh, German, Welsh and some African. American citizens are Navarro as well as Gemini is the Zodiac.

He was a student at Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks, California. He also was a part of in the marching band of his school.

Dave Navarro Career

Dave was the guitar player of the group Jane’s Addiction in 1986. They became famous as an alternative band for their sound.

The group then came out with Jane’s Addiction (1987), Nothing’s Shocking (1988) and Ritual de lo Habitual (1990). The group broke up in 1991.

He was in 1993 when he was a member of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He also played guitar on their album Two Hot Minutes. The debut album of Trust No One debuted in 2001.

Brooke Burke hosted the TV series Rock Star, INXS and Rock Star, Supernova. The band he was in with the band The Panic Channel released their album in 2006.

Navarro served as a juror for an American reality television show about tattoo competitions Master between 2012 until 2020.

Dave Navarro Personal Life

Let’s get to Dave Navarro’s private life. He is currently in a relationship with Andrea Tantaros, his long-term girlfriend.

They’ve been in love for a long time. The couple was three times married prior to meeting her. Three of their marriages ended with divorce.

Navarro has also been seen with a number of individuals throughout his career. He has also had numerous interactions with a variety of women.

He is content and is living the best life he could with his spouse. Their relationship isn’t currently in danger.

Dave Navarro Relationship Status

The gorgeous guitarist Navarro has not been married. He is married to Andrea Tantaros (a Fox News anchor).

They’ve been married for seven years since they were married in 2022. Their love for each other grows stronger with each day.

They are very fortunate to be a part of their lives as parents. They appear to be extremely together and look like the perfect couple.

Navarro has been in relationships with a variety of women during his long time in the music industry.

After his divorce from the earlier two weddings, he started with model Monet Mazur in the year 1996. The couple split after one year.

Then, he had a brief flirtation at the end of 1998 Leus Locklear, a mature actress. He started dating Sherri Rose around 1999 continuing to date her until.

He was introduced to Carmen Electra , actress in 2000. They were married. The wedding lasted just six years before they divorced in the end.

The year 2005 was the time he was implicated in an affair Jenna Presley, an adult actress. As per reports, it was the reason why the divorce was a result of Carmen. Their relationship lasted for two years.

In 2006, he started dating Jessica Jaymes. They were seen at events and in public appearances however, they split after three years.

He began to date Jasmine Lennard in 2007. Their first date was in the Los Angeles car park. After about an hour she was able stay at his home.

Lenard also came out about his sexual encounters. He split with Lenard in the midst of 18 years of living an excessive lifestyle.

In 2007 he was also dating Nicole Bennett, and attended red carpet events with her.

He had numerous encounters following that with a variety of women which included Terri Nunn, Sasha Grey, Stormi Dans, Margaret Cho, Jonna Angle, Jessie Lee and Daisy de la Hoya..

Then, he began being with Amie Nic for a year prior to ending the relationship. He also had a few other meetings that included Courtney Love and Brooke Mueller following that.

He was introduced to Fox News anchor Andrea Tantaros in the year 2015. The two first met through an acquaintance. Dave later made their friendship public.

Dave even though he has made the details public, has set limits and isn’t willing to reveal too much concerning their marriage. He’s living a blissful life.

The year 1994 was the time he got married to Rhian Gitins. After a relationship of three months the couple got married. The couple divorced within five days.

In 2001, he began dating Carmen Electra. Their love was passionate. Even he had tattoos in his upper thigh.

They were married in November 2003. The reality television show Til Death Do Us Apart also featured their wedding.

Carmen requested divorce back in 2006 before finally getting divorced in 2007. They decided to remain good friends. Navarro has no children.

Dave Navarro Net Worth

According to the figure of the celebrity’s net worth, Navarro has been an extremely well-known musician and performer. The estimated net worth of his is $25 million.

His success on music and television is the main source of his earnings.

The amount he earns annually is undetermined however it is likely to be in the thousands of dollars.

His net worth is also expected to be boosted by his growing fame and professional career.

The million-dollar investment in real estate will surely give him a luxurious life. He purchased the Los Angeles house for $2.9 million in the year 2016.

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