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Corizo Biography

El Corizo was born January 13th and is now a rising Nigerian artist, singer and musician. He is from Lagos. (Corizo Biography)

Following the release of his chart-topping song Run Am For Us that made it to the top of several African musical charts, he was thrust to the forefront of attention.

Its music is accepted by younger generations as an extremely talented artist. El Corizo has an actual identity of the name Sameer

EL Corizo is signed to No Record Label. He is an artist who is independent in the moment.

Corizo Early life

El Corizo was born on January 13, 1993, to Southern parents in the late 90s. He is from Osula, Benin City.

It’s an Edo boy who is fluent with ease in Bini dialect. He grew in the most renowned neighborhood.

His parents took care of the children within their Christian religion. He expressed his dream of pursuing the opportunity to work in music as an teen in front of his family. He had been a choir member when he was first able to discover his musical talent.

His parents backed him in his decision, however they advised him that he should begin his studies first.

Corizo Education

El Corizo completed his secondary and primary education at the most prestigious schools in Benin City.

The student graduated high school and enrolled at one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education located in South-South Nigeria.

Corizo Career

El Corizo has been writing music lyrics since high school. He began going to the studio to write songs as he got older.

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When he released the song Run Am For Us, his breakthrough came. The single the singer sung with Oh Poor, another upcoming artist. The track became an enormous success throughout Southern Nigeria and was popular across all states. The song was played on a variety of radio and television stations for weeks.

El Corizo began receiving invitations to perform at concerts as well as other occasions across the nation following the success of the song.

He also released his famous album Chronicles Of Corizo to further establish his position in the music business. This is his debut studio album and it’s been highly reviewed by the top music critics across Africa.

El Corizo One of the most famous musicians in the country, has been chosen as the brand’s ambassador. This company is a trading company in cryptocurrency.


  • Run Am For Us
  • Ready or not
  • Story of Padi
  • Therapy
  • Inside Life
  • Petra
  • Oh Lord
  • Hate
  • Down
  • Chronicles Of Corizo
  • Call me the Devil

Corizo Social Media

El Corizo interacts directly with his followers via his Instagram account.

His followers are more than 37.9k. His official Instagram handle is @el_corizo_

Corizo Personal Life

El Corizo A beautiful young male with fair skin, is extremely appealing. He is in his 20s. He is an orthodox Christian and attends the Bible Believing Church of Lagos.

He is a talented artist, and is predicted to win over the coming decades The Headies Next Rated Award.

He is living in an elegant residence in Lagos City’s luxury residential area. He is engaged for a while with a woman of a younger age. He doesn’t share her pictures online, so that the name of his partner is kept secret.

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Corizo Net Worth

El Corizo is a gifted Nigerian musician, worth anywhere between $20,000 to $100,000.

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