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Auta MG Boy Net Worth, Age and Biography

One of the most renowned Hausa artists of Nigeria, Auta MG Boy is well-known for his hit song “Baba Ayi Mini Aure.”

Today, I’m going to give you the most interesting details about the life of Auta MG Boy and work.

Biography Of Auta MG Boy

Abdulrahman Muhammad Garba, better known as the nickname, Auta MG Boy is an internationally renowned Hausa musician from Nigeria. The year 1993 was the birthplace of Kaduna the state of Zaria.

The talented musician went to secondary and primary schools in Kaduna before choosing to pursue the music industry as a profession.

MG Auta A boy who has been playing since when he was a child, expressed his desire to raise awareness about the hausa music across the country.

The first time he gained fame was in the year 2020, when he dropped “Baba Ayi Mini Aure” the one of his most popular songs. The single made him popular in Nigeria.

With more than 20 songs under his belt, Auta MG Boy has been awarded numerous nominations and awards.

Auta MG Boy Age And Date Of Birth

He’s aged 28 at the time of 2022. the time will come for him to turn the age of 29 in 2033.

The date of birth for him is 1993..

Auta MG Boy Net Worth

The net worth of MG Boy was estimated at $ 100,000 US dollar.

He is among the most successful and wealthy young Nigerian Hausa music artists.

Auta MG Boy Music and Songs Album

  • Yanzuma Aka Fara
  • Baba Ayimin Aure
  • Daga Ke
  • So Jani
  • Nashiga So
  • Tintibe
  • Kina zuciyata
  • Labarina
  • Zuciya
  • Maryama
  • Masoyiya
  • Dasauransu
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Auta Mg Boy Biography And Net Worth Summary

Real Name: Abdulrahman Muhammad Garba
Place Of Birth: Kaduna
Date Of Birth: 1993
Age: 28
Religion: Islam
Tribe: Hausa
Occupation: Musician, Song Writter
Marital Status: Single

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