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Learn more details about 86fb registration, sign-up, log in and fund, and then withdraw

Its 86fb, 86w, 86z platform is an online betting platform that lets you earn money from betting on sports with minimal or no risk. The term “sports trading,” as it’s called by this website, permits users to earn up to five percent per day from the capital you invest in trading.

It is possible to get started on this platform as little as 3500 naira. You can also you can earn cash every day into the bank account of your choice.

The 86fb platform has raised lots of questions, since there are many who believe it’s a Ponzi scheme that will end up in a crash at some time.

For the moment, 86fb or 86z or 86w has been paying its members every day and lots of members are making money. Even if it is simply another Ponzi scheme There will be many individuals who have profited from this scheme.

In this blog I will explain how you can sign up/register for 86fb, sign up to 86fb and then log in to the 86fb account, deposit money into your 86fb wallet, withdraw money from 86fb and much more.

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Let’s begin then.

86fb register (How to sign up on 86fb)

The process of registering on 86fb is simple and just like signing up on other websites.

  1. Click on the link
  2. Fill in all the necessary information
  3. Enter your username
  4. Input your password
  5. Input your mobile number
  6. Click on SIGN UP
  7. Sign up to the WhatsApp group to find out how to place bets and find games that you can play every day

86fb login

To sign in onto the account on 86fb account, you’ll require the following items:

  1. Enter your Username
  2. Enter your password
  3. Click on Login

How can you pay for you 86fb account?

To begin earning money using this platform, you’ll be required to fund the 86fb wallet. A minimum sum you are allowed to put in is 3,500 Nigerians, however, you can deposit more money and the more you deposits, the greater you earn.

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You can make a deposit to your account using USDT or via bank transfer.

Funding 86fb using USDT

To add funds to your 86fb account using USDT to fund your account, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your account using your username and password.
  2. Click on “ME”
  3. Click on Deposit
  4. Choose USDT as your deposit method
  5. Enter the amount in USDT you’d like to use to fund your account.
  6. Click on Confirm the recharge
  7. You will be able to see an USDT address on the screen
  8. It was sent USDT to this address (TRC20)

Funding 86fb using bank payments

  1. Log into your account by entering your username and password.
  2. Click on “ME”
  3. Click on Deposit
  4. Pay with a credit card
  5. Enter the amount you wish to recharge
  6. Click Confirm to recharge
  7. You can pay by cards via flutterwave, or you can transfer money to the bank account which will be displayed in the display.

86fb withdrawal (How to withdraw from 86fb)

To withdraw funds from this platform, you’ll have to follow these instructions:

  1. Click on ME
  2. Click on Withdraw
  3. Click OK to add the details for withdrawing
  4. Choose either “Add the bank card” or”Add USDT TRC20″ wallet address.
  5. Complete your information and save your details.
  6. Click on WITHDRAW
  7. Input the amount of your withdrawal
  8. Click on WITHDRAW NOW

Note: There is a five percent charge for each withdrawal and it is important to have a large amount of money available before making your withdrawal.

About 86fb, 86w, 86z

86fb is a platform for football investments where you can earn cash through games that are offered to you through the platform. It has an average win rate of 96%.

According to its website “86FB was created at the beginning of April 2015.It is one of many companies that are part of the umbrella of the City Football Group. It operates football-related businesses across major cities around the globe, including academy clubs, football clubs, marketing and technical support companies.


The goal of 86FBfootbal is to enhance the involvement of off-field and on-field soccer as well as to develop and nurture the most effective football match result analysis talent, and also provide the most innovative and modern game result quiz and hedge fund.

In implementing these initiatives-playing appealing football, creating the most straightforward investment opportunities and attracting our fan base, and using unique methods that are local and global in nature-We are creating a sustainable and socially responsible business which is according to the concept that is “urban” football to the masses.

The brand of this platform is focused on football and collaborates in conjunction with William Hill to integrate probability and statistics.

Calculations, mathematics , and other fundamentals make competitive football not only a sport, but also an elite quality that is comparable to funds and stocks. A profitable investment strategy! The platform uses the most trending “hedge funds + welfare fields + commission leveling” model.

It operates simultaneously in dozens of nations around the world it has bilingual versions and also allows the transfer and deposit of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Hedge Fund. “Correct” refers to the name for betting on football and “a Wave” of balls can be described as an indication of the game’s score. “Hedge money” represent the reciprocal. That is, the expected score.

The right score. For instance, Argentina vs Croatia, the score is 1:3. The hedge fund industry is awash with hedge funds. so long as they can purchase scores that aren’t zero:3, they are able to be profitable. This means that the chance of a hedge funds profit is greater than the actual rate. 17/18, up to 95 %!”

What is the process behind how 86fb function?

When you sign up with 86fb when you sign up, you’ll receive up to three games per day in order to earn an up-to-3 percent of profit. This type of betting isn’t just like the regular betting that you’re used to. In this instance, it’s similar to a reverse bet and I’ll explain.


If you’re given a score of 3-0 in order to place a place bets on a game and if the game finishes with any other score other than the 3-0 mark, you’ll take home. Only in the event that the game finishes with a score of 3-0.

It’s not the end of it, as long as you participate in the game that was given to you by your group If you lose the game, the team will refund the deposit you made to them in 100 percent.

The only way to lose is if you fail to participate in the game provided to you by the group and the result is badly, there will be no refunds.

There is no need to be an expert at betting to earn money on this site, and even in the absence of any interest with sports betting, you could still make money on this site. With just a minimum of 3500 naira you can begin earning money.

Is 86fb legitimate?

86fb is a highly controversial platform as some believe it’s an extortion scheme that is likely to end up in a crash very within the next few days. A lot of questions have been asked concerning this platform such as:

How do 86fb earn money?

Does reverse-bet betting constitute a legal activity?

What is the way 86fb in a position to pay everyone?

The above issues have led many people doubt the platform. However, the platform has been paying and lots of users have been making withdrawals. It is only time to see what happens to the platform.


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